Thermostatic Mixer and Diverter - Nobero
Nobero comprises Luxury bathroom fittings for unique bath spaces. Stylish product series offering an enriching experience.

Thermostatic Mixers & Diverters

A Warm Experience To Unwind

Our high-tech Nobero mixers and diverters strike a balance between functionality and artisan design. These enhance the whole bathing experience by turning every day into a spa day to unwind after a long day. Get your desired water temperature and enjoy a sauna's relaxing atmosphere in the comfort of your home.


A Gratifying Promise For
Your Lavatory

We designed a full line of luxurious thermostatic bathroom essentials for you with your comfort and safety in mind. This magnificent collection of accessories makes your home a regal setting that your visitors will adore. Each design can be combined with the graceful grandeur of your washroom interiors to establish a comprehensive contemporary package.


Restoring A Grand Sense Of Living

The thermostatic collection from Nobero comprises attractive designs with charming details that add to the serene ambience of your home. Its collection of royal design concepts enables you to achieve a magnificent bathroom. We feel the best place to get inspiration is in the past. Thus we created aesthetic components with a modern twist to gently blend the two eras into one masterpiece.

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