Selecting The Best Luxury Faucet For Your Bathroom Washbasin
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Selecting The Best Luxury Faucet For Your Bathroom Washbasin

Selecting The Best Luxury Faucet For Your Bathroom Washbasin

Now, when we set out to design our most relaxing place, we certainly envision a lavish bathroom equipped with all the luxuries and essentials to improve the atmosphere altogether. Your bathroom faucet is where you can combine utility with a dash of personality, whether it’s a new setup or a renovation. Thus, one of the most essential amenities is our bathroom vanity. 

This article discusses selecting the ideal faucet for your washbasin or vanity area that seamlessly matches your lavatory decor. 

Mounting Options

  • Centre-Set

The centre set faucet has been the typical style for bathroom vanities for many years. It calls for three holes drilled in a row on the sink or mounting surface, in the middle of the basin, and to share a tiny deck plate with the water levers and spigot. The distance between the hot and cold water lever holes is typically 4 inches. The centre set faucet performs well with small or regular-sized sinks or vanities. 

  • Single Hole

Bathroom vanities are increasingly using single-hole faucets. A bathroom faucet with a single hole may have one handle or two handles. Since the handle is usually fixed to the spout, only one spot is required to put the plumbing through. This faucet style is highly adaptable because it may be mounted with a deck or escutcheon plate on top of the centre set or widespread hole locations. 

  • Vessel

These higher faucets are designed to go with vessel sinks because they are taller than other washbasin styles. Usually, a single multipurpose handle is included with vessel sink spouts.  A vessel faucet is commonly towering on a single hole. It has just one handle to control water temperature and pressure. Finding a vessel sink faucet that is tall enough to unclutter the washbasin on your bathroom vanity is crucial, but ensure it is not so elevated that water spills everywhere. 

  • Wall Mounted 

For above-the-counter and standalone sinks that require a lengthy spout for extended reach, wall-mounted bathroom sink faucet options are available. For installation, these taps need their wall-mounted valve and drain. Make sure the spout has enough length to clear the basin completely. You can easily modify your vanity sink by selecting a faucet height based on your washbasin. They are available with a single handle or two handles for a traditional or contemporary look. 

  • Widespread

Three-hole vanities are compatible with widespread bathroom faucets. They consist of a fixture and two handles. Since the water handles and faucets are installed independently, it is frequently thought to have a more flexible design. Most models have hole spacings ranging from 8 to 16 inches. Modern and contemporary styles often have widespread faucets, which look fantastic with statement sinks.


Valve Construction

At first glance, it appears that all faucets function similarly: turn one or two handles, and water comes out. But faucets’ internal mechanisms differ significantly from model to model. The valve’s quality determines the faucet’s dependability and durability and whether or not it contains a washer. 


  • With Washer

Compression valves, the oldest type of faucet valve that remains in use, are simple and inexpensive. These consists of a bottom-mounted rubber compression washer and a screw stem that raises and lowers in response to turning it.

  • Without Washer

There are usually three types of washerless faucets available in the market –


  • Ball Valve System

Single-handle taps use ball valves, which are also commonly available and reasonably priced. A steel ball with a network of grooves and holes is the main part of this valve system. The hot and cold water nozzles line up with these grooves and apertures. Then, the water temperature and flow rate are adjusted by turning the ball with the spout handle.


  • Cartridge Valve System

Widespread in faucets, cartridge valves provide outstanding performance at an affordable price. A little metal or plastic cylinder serves as the main structural element of a cartridge faucet. A system of channels inside the cylinder directs water flow and regulates temperature. An O-ring seals the cartridge’s bottom to stop leaking from the edges.


  • Ceramic Disc Valve System

Two revolving ceramic discs are incorporated into this creative valve design. The channels on the discs line up when they are rotated, allowing for water flow and temperature control. Ceramic disc valves are rigid, extremely dependable, and rarely require maintenance.


Control Options

When it comes to innovation, even the handles and operating system of opulent luxury washbasin faucets got multiple options to choose from – 

  • Cross Handles

The cross-handle system has two independent knobs, one for cold water and the other for hot water, on either side of the spout. They are associated with more conventional or country-style interiors. These classic styles come in various finishes to match the space’s decor. 

  • Joystick

Joystick handles, a lever-like control with a distinctive appearance, provide a wide range of movement and versatility. They are often seen in contemporary and more opulent lavatories these days.

  • Lever Handle

These standard handles typically have an X or cross shape, which makes them simple to hold and turn. You can choose from many different decorative styles of lever handles.

  • Push Button

These are very frequent in commercial environments. Instead of rotating a handle or knob, a push-button faucet allows you to switch the water on and off with a push.

  • Sensor

It is not necessary to use handles or knobs with motion-activated faucets. To activate, merely place your hands underneath the spout. Given that you can regulate the temperature and flow of the water, these faucets are a good option for families with kids. Additionally, sensor faucets come in semi-touch variants. You can switch them on or off with a tap on the faucet’s top. 


Suitable Faucet Finish

The bathroom faucet finish that you choose is entirely personal. You know your preferences, needs, design hassles, budgetary constraints, etc. The final appearance is determined by the faucet material, colour or plating, and surface finish you go for. Let’s take you through a few options to explore–

  • Chrome

The timeless appearance of chrome has never been out of fashion. This classic beauty adds some much-needed drama to your bathroom. Chrome is the most uncomplicated finish to match other faucets and hardware because it is the most adaptable, simple to clean, and goes with most bathroom types.

  • Gold Tone

Your room will have a more vibrant appeal due to the gold fixtures. They are not only powerful, but they also respect your solitude, which helps to create a calming atmosphere in which you may unwind.

  • The Black Beauty

The black chrome is a famous bathroom statement used in confluence with other bathroom accessories. They look fabulous and give the area a sense of sophistication, providing a more retro yet contemporary feel.



The best bathroom faucet will match the design, go well with the basin, and help you use your vanity as a whole. You can choose a finish you adore that properly complements your décor with premium bathroom fittings to fulfil your desire for a luxury lavatory.

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