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TR 6506S25 TR 6506S25 Rectangle-20-1

Exposed parts of Thermostatic Mixer 6 Outlets

Range :Thermostatic Mixers & Diverters

Code :

TR 6506S25

Colour :

Description : A fantastic addition to your bathroom, this thermostatic Mixer with diverter from Nobero's collection instantly gives the space an elite spa vibe. Its performance is equally outstanding. These have technology built-in that balances water supply changes and quickly adjusts the temperature of the water to the right level. Thanks to the flexibility of mixers and diverters, the water will never heat up more than you intend. Thanks to the special features, you can quickly switch between spout and shower functions.

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Our selection not only outperforms the competition in terms of effectiveness but also flawlessly complements the design of your restroom. Even with little water pressure, these provide an unmatched bathing experience. They guarantee exceptional endurance thanks to their outstanding finishes, making them durable for more extended periods. While the user's safety is never compromised, our sophisticated designs make them one of the most secure amenities. They are easy to operate and maintain, thus, withstanding your opulence for decades.

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Exposed parts of Thermostatic...

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Exposed parts of Thermostatic...

TR 6504S25

Exposed parts of Thermostatic...

SN 6506S25

Exposed parts of Thermostatic...

RN 6506S25

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