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Buyer’s Guide for Premium Bathroom Faucets

Buyer’s Guide for Premium Bathroom Faucets

Bathrooms are the spaces where individuals invest in their private time. A more appealing bathroom ambience serves much relaxation to the person who owns it. Bathroom faucets play an instrumental role in adding style with elegance with numerous options available in the market. So, you can think about changing your bathroom mood by transforming an old tap into a wide range of luxury faucets in different colours, finishes, styles, and sizes. Today, this article discusses the essential things to keep in mind before buying premium bathroom faucets. The guide will include the modern bathroom taps sizes, colours, materials and finishes.

Centerset 4-Inch Faucet

Three-hole washbasins are designed to fit 4-inch centre-set faucets, which feature handles that are 4 inches apart. On a single base unit, a spout and handles are combined. On a 6-inch plate, some centre-set faucets may be equipped with two handles.

Single-handle Faucet

Bathroom faucets with one handle, called single-lever faucets, are precisely what they sound like. Single-handle faucets have a single handle regulating the water pressure and temperature. It indicates that installing these faucets will only drill a single hole in the kitchen or bathroom surface. Some faucets, however, have a mounting plate to cover the extra holes if there are more holes.

Vessel Sink Faucet

A vessel sink that sits higher than other sink types is intended to be paired with these taller faucets. Usually, vessel sink faucets have a single multipurpose handle.

Wall-Mounted Faucet

For above-the-counter and freestanding sinks that require a lengthy spout for extended reach, wall-mounted bathroom faucet alternatives are available. With basins that have been drilled holes, they won’t function.  For installation, wall-mounted faucets need their wall-mounted valve and drain. Make sure the spout has enough length to clear the basin completely. Verify the depth of the sink to ensure that water won’t spill onto your floor or counters.

Widespread Bathroom

Three-hole basins are compatible with widespread bathroom faucets.  They consist of three parts: a spout, two handles, and handle spacing ranging from 6 to 16 inches.

Bathroom Colour Faucets and Finish

Match the colour and finish of your faucet to the other bathroom fixtures and accessories. Modern home designs go nicely with a waterfall chrome faucet. Alternately, use black bathroom faucets to draw attention. To make cleaning easier, use coatings that resist stains. The following are standard faucet finish options: Black Brass (Antique or Polished), Bronze, and Chrome (Matte, Brushed or Polished)

Gold Copper Nickel (Brushed and Pearl)

Faucet sets in a combination of finishes, such as brass and chrome offer a different look cost-effectively. If you currently have brass fittings, you could update them with a chrome and brass faucet. Remember to stick to the same finish (for example: polished versus antique).

Touchless Motion

These faucets are those that don’t even need handles or knobs.  To activate, merely place your hands underneath the spout. Some models include a mixing valve as standard equipment; other types require additional purchase. The mixing valve allows you to set the hot and cold water ratio.  A manual override lever is an additional, optional means to control the water flow on some touchless faucets.  Given that you can regulate the temperature and flow of the water, these faucets are a good option for families with kids.

The Final Word

We at Nobero are experts in premium bathroom fittings that professionals use to create and renovate bathrooms so that you can easily add luxury to your area. Nobero offers a wide range of high-efficacy faucets, SienaReno and Triso, to brighten up the entire aura of your relaxing space. 

Siena is all about immersing yourself in the vibrant symphony of timeless hues. The durable finish that defines the excellent build-in quality with each use strengthens the usefulness. Our opulent bathroom fixtures with vintage designs provide you with a calm opportunity to rest after a hectic day.

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