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Tips for Small Luxurious Bathroom Makeover in 2022

Tips for Small Luxurious Bathroom Makeover in 2022

Most people invest in them not to please others but to bring happiness. After all, richness does feel good! People are more inclined towards small luxury bathrooms and are looking for the best modern opulent bathroom designs available in the market. This blog will discuss 15 remodelling ideas to add a luxurious touch to the bathrooms. 


-Blue Baby Themes

There’s no doubt that colours play a significant role in determining the entire look of the bathroom. Blueberry is a calming shade that goes very well with small luxury bathrooms. Along with this fantastic colour theme, Nobero’s bathroom fittings will be the cherries on the cake. If you explore the Reno section of Nobero, you’ll find the perfect fittings that go well with the blueberry theme. 

-Broody Black 

This theme, which is the darkest hue, has been incorporated into many modern luxury bathroom designs. And why not? After all, black is a signature colour. In addition, shimmering gold finishing and fixtures will give a unique look to your bathroom. Also, Nobero’s black chrome faucet adds a sophisticated look, sets the perfect mood, and gives you a luxurious experience. You must consider adding this black chrome faucet from Nobero.


-Wood Look Tiles

Tiles also play a vital role in adding a sophisticated touch to small luxury bathrooms. So, while preparing modern luxury bathroom designs, tiles are being given a lot of importance these days. As stated earlier, people love to add a natural touch to their bathrooms; hence wood look tiles serve this purpose best. You might consult an interior designer regarding the fixtures that fit with your overall ambience.

-Earthly Slate

It is another option for all the nature lovers out there. Adding earthly slate to the bathrooms gives an organic touch. You can go to Nobero’s website and check out the fittings that go well with this. 


Modern luxury bathroom designs have incorporated freestanding tubs as an alternative to a walk-in shower. This setup avoids too much dampness in the bathroom and is also convenient. Luxury showers give a royal look while complementing the freestanding tub. 

The lighting of the bathrooms

Rather than the traditional lighting system, nowadays, modern luxury bathroom designs embed LED lights for small spaces. LED lights will undoubtedly highlight all the unique and sophisticated features incorporated into your toilet. Moreover, the warm glow of the lights is bound to give a charismatic touch to your bathroom. 

Streamlined fittings in a congested space

Lack of storage can be quite a problem in the small bathrooms, which needs to be sorted out. However, the area behind the shower or bath can be utilised as an excellent storage space by building cupboards for shampoos and other shower products. 

To wrap up everything

These are all the tips through which you can remodel your bathroom and give it a majestic look. Also, all of Nobero’s products like Reno, Triso and Siena add up to the aesthetics and luxury of your bathroom. These products ensure you get the extravagant experience you desire in your vision. Each product is unique and made to transform your houses into warm homes that exhibit a hint of modernness. Which remodelling idea did you like the best?


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