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How Long Does It Take To Do A Bathroom Renovation

How Long Does It Take To Do A Bathroom Renovation

While you might have planned everything for your bathroom, many situations might arise before, during, or toward the end of the renovation process. Yet one needs to know that you can be flexible about your project timetable and budget. There should always be an approximate range in both cases. And clearly, it’s a significant annoyance to have your single bathroom inaccessible while remodelling unless you’re fortunate enough to have others.

To begin with, there are frequently unforeseen issues to deal with, like late deliveries, difficult fittings, and professionals who are unavailable on the days they are supposed to be on site. In addition, there is a lot of labour to be done, with another preparing, drying, and finishing steps.

Factors Affecting Renovation Time

Size Of The Team

The size of the site team is a significant additional factor. Do you intend to hire a single individual to handle the entire project or a group of painters, flooring installers, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, and electricians? A key task could be finished by one person. During the project, they might pay close attention to your bathroom. However, lead times start to lag when they work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Materials Arrival

Let us be realistic here; the arrival of materials or preparation might take longer than expected. While you may have everything ready, the installation part might elongate. This would not have a materially adverse effect on the lifespan of your project, provided all the supplies were readily available locally. However, your project will only catch up if you’re holding out for certain materials from abroad.

To understand it clearly, it’s wise to look through the refurbishing timeline in detail;

The Bath Space Renovation Timeline

Getting Rid Of The Old

The project starts with removing old fittings in your current bathroom. If any wallpapers have been used earlier, they need to be cleared. This will result in a dusty mess. This step includes initial cleanup after old tiles are removed from the floor. This also gives you a fair chance of checking for any leakages or asbestos. The process might take a good two to three days in total.

Repairing The Leakages (If Any)

You may expect another two days for this step. There might be a few repairs before the new work begins. Filling wall holes, restoring open or damaged floors, and shifting any wiring or piping that is in the incorrect location are all possible steps in this process.

Plumbing For The New Look

The plumber places waste and water lines appropriately. This process could take longer if shower systems , thermostatic Mixers & Diverters, basins, and toilets are moved to utilise the available space best. Hence, you may expect an additional three days for the same.

Electrical Fittings As Per The New Layout

The electrician runs wiring to the proper lighting, shaving, and shower power locations. It could be necessary to upgrade the safety switch, connect and test new wiring to existing circuits, and cut and finish new channels in the walls. Examine the electrical work before starting any plastering. A delay could happen if an inspector is away for a few days.

Now The Plastering

Easily this step takes more time, as the plaster needs to dry before painting, which can bring about five days in total. Any damaged surfaces must be repaired before plasterers may begin their work. To hide any pipe work or other surface fittings, they may occasionally create a “drywall.” Before applying the final skim coat, the initial plaster coat needs to dry for at least a day.

It’s Time To Paint The Walls

As mentioned earlier, a painter can only begin his work once the plaster dries off completely. The schedule might expand by a few days as a result. On fresh plaster, a particular watery mixture is used as the initial coat of paint before the final colour is applied in one or two coats.

Not To Forget The Floor

The number of tiles to be installed determines how long it will take to tile. If you only tile the shower and the splashback around the sink, it might only take one day to complete. However, more significant regions with challenging joints or intricate designs can take two to three days. The best thing about flooring is that it involves almost everyone on the team. The bath, shower, toilet, lighting, blinds, cabinets, and accessories can all now be installed, connected, and tested by the plumber and electrician. Flooring can be installed once everything is in position.

Finally, The Fixtures

Your bathroom accessories, such as the luxury faucets , are installed during this stage. A hand towel rail, toilet paper holder, and robe hook are a few of the extras. Your bathroom is now ready for your family’s use after being cleaned.

Hence the total time, as estimated, is approximately 25 days if each step is carried out per schedule. Now that you know the complete process of renovating your bathroom, you can analyse how even a minor glitch can cause a delay of a significant amount of time. Therefore, the time can easily stretch to 5 to 6 weeks.

Looking For A Luxe Upgrade?

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